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August 26, 2020
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April 16, 2021

نوجوان بیٹھک

Last Friday I got a chance to join نوجوان بیٹھک and to be honest I didn’t regret going there. Topic of نوجوان بیٹھک was Life- A deception?

This initiative of Noajwan Baithak is taken by YEF Academy. As we have seen that the concept of Baithak is missing in this generation/ period of time. We all are so occupied in our daily routines that we don’t even have time for our families. And if we take a glimpse at the village life this Baithak is still there ,where people from different age groups come and sit , discuss their issues and try to find out solutions in their own capacity. This is exactly what YEF wants to continue and for this purposeنوجوان بیٹھک۔ is arranged on every Friday at 6:00 pm at Johar town F2 block.On the top of that everyone is welcomed there. People from different backgrounds come and share their opinions . Its opportunity to look at things differently.

We discussed deception and everyone was justifying their point of view with their own insights or understanding regarding this topic but the crux of the entire baithak is summed up in following paragraph. Question was raised by one participant that Have you ever thought what is life ? For many of us life is all about eat , sleep and repeat. For others it’s about helping those who are needy , those who can’t even afford basic necessities. But still there’s a small number of people who think there’s no purpose of this life , it’s all about fun. Do you really think we are here for fun ? We aren’t answerable to anyone on day of judgment or you just don’t believe that there’s next life. Deception- things that have no reality or you can say it’s all about false ideas or beliefs. Just like we get into relationship with opposite gender but still we fall for others or get involve in others for sake of fun . As per this scenario , you are making fool out of yourself only. Everyone’s life is full of such stories but if we talk about this life that has been given to us for a purpose ,than rate your self where you stand? I have heard people saying when they talk about business or job that , they must consult experienced ones in order to protect themselves from loss. Let’s hope that you do consult and it helps you in your business thing. Oh yeah ,you are safe now but actually why do we all forget the purpose of our life? Why do we think that this is end and there’s no life after death ? To be honest if we talk about this aforementioned concept of life ,according to islam we are very crystal and clear about life after death. We do believe that the one’s with good deeds will enter in paradise while ones with bad deeds will face concequances accordingly. Then again why we aren’t worried about this deception that we have given to ourselves? Life is reality and it’s full of deception .

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