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August 25, 2020
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February 6, 2021

Agriculture!Backbone of Pakistan.

agriculture in Pakistan

“Advancement in agriculture is the key to Advancement for a Country”

Agricultural Countries play a great role in maintaining the sources of food all over the world, it also helps them to maintain their economy. Pakistan is an agricultural country due to its fertile land it has a great impact on food sources which it exports to full desires of other countries which do not have the ability.

Total Agricultural land in Pakistan is about 79.6 Million acres in which 22.1 Million land is cultivated and the rest is forests and such land which can not be cultivated.

About 48% of the country’s labour is involved in the agricultural field generating the highest GDP for the economy upto 18.9%. People are directly or indirectly related to the field of agriculture.That is why agriculture is also known as the backbone of the country.

However increase in agricultural activities increases the demand in labour, demand in labour means more job opportunities which means less poverty. These agricultural activities are meant to increase the life standard of people, about 21% population lives below the line of poverty in Pakistan.

Agriculture provides a country with a good name after exporting agricultural products which increases in foreign exchange and helps a country’s economy to boost. It also helps the poor people to live a valuable life.Agriculture is the main stream of earning for people.It is the basic source of livelihood for people, we cannot survive without food. Agriculture provides raw materials for other industries to work, which also helps in reducing poverty around the globe.

There are lots of issues faced by people related to agriculture. It includes natural causes such as floods, earthquakes, volcano eruption, diseases, environmental issues such as pollution, global warming, increase in sea level. Local issues which include inadequate water supply, no use of pesticides, no use of fertilizers which double the nutrients in the soil, water logging and salinity, no control on water usage, inadequate infrastructure, lack of irrigation facilities, use of lower quality seeds and many more.

The real issue is about old traditional methods used by farmers, which lowers the rate of work and decreases production quantity of products.

 Due to lack of education, farmers are not aware of new and fast methods. Professional agriculturists also state that due to old traditional methods there can be an issue of food crisis in Pakistan. Hence, it is very important for the state to give them necessary education related to their field. Not using fertilizers and  pesticides are also an alarming situation for the crops.

With the development in Science and Technology many new methods have been discovered in the field of agriculture. Climate controlled crops can be produced very easily, tunnel farming is now very convenient, use of synthetic fertilizers also help in the production and quality of agricultural products, huge machinery is used these days, use of AI in agriculture, smart machinery has been introduced.

Day by Day advancements are being made in the field of agriculture. It is very necessary that we make advancements in the field of agriculture and bring new changes in it so that our country may progress.

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