April 24, 2021

Pakistani Society and Women Rights

Unfavorable situation of Pakistani women is not hidden from any one. Women is an essential subject when domestic violence is being discussed in Pakistani context as in Pakistan most cases of violence get reported by women.
April 16, 2021

Pakistani Dramas and Its Depiction of Societal Issues

Pakistani drama industry is quite famous as compared to other mediums like Theatre and film industry due to its service delivery and story line it used to be shown in past.
February 6, 2021

نوجوان بیٹھک

Last Friday I got a chance to join نوجوان بیٹھک and to be honest I didn't regret going there. Topic of نوجوان بیٹھک was Life- A deception?
August 26, 2020
agriculture in Pakistan

Agriculture!Backbone of Pakistan.

“Advancement in agriculture is the key to Advancement for a Country”
August 25, 2020

Impact of Social life

Post Views: 43 Life is a very hard journey, everyone wishes to have someone who is a flame of hope in his life, it is only […]
July 16, 2020

Pakistan’s Education System Direly Needs a Culture of Problem Solving, Skill Development, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Pakistan is a country with over 130 million youth (below the age of 30), out of its total 220 million population.