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May 5, 2021
The Road To Self-Discovery
May 26, 2021

Conquer Within

“Man conquers the world by conquering himself”

Well I don’t agree with that, every person has its own view and perspective towards approaching things and here is mine. How many people have conquered the world? Exactly, no one has conquered the world yet! So it is pretty easy to conquer yourself in contrast. Today I’ll tell you what “Conquer Within” means. Conquering yourself includes self-realization, self-evolution and self-control. It is nature of man to take control of things, he loves power. Thousands of people have died for the sake of power and thousands are struggling, in this era it’s not prominent that how people conquer, people in this era conquer you by controlling you and your emotions. Conquering within is to control yourself. No external power should be capable of controlling you, the one which needs to be controlled is your brain. No one should be given the right to control you and make you a robot. You need no one’s approval but yours.

Conquer within also means to conquer the negative thoughts that always take you to the wrong path basically it’s not you who’s making you think of bad it’s your emotions, the outlook you give towards life. You have to unleash yourself. Just think how great it would be to overstep the boundaries people set for you. Control of yourself provides you a gateway to feel what is hidden inside you.

Conquering your insecurities which people who are not good at their life will put in to your face, it will cause you a great distress and fatigue but once you overcome it all your anxiety will vanish.  Conquer whatever makes you sad, makes you feel low and causes distress.

Conquering thoughts is also very necessary. What you think is very important, your thought process must be in your control.

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