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Today I am going to highlight an important issue of every relationship. I think it is a major problem in all. Ego destroys relationships. This is so true. What do you think?

What is ego?
Ego is person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance. To truly love someone and yourself you have to drop your ego. This is essential for a healthy relationship. Nothing will kill a relationship other than ego and pride.

Ego killing our relationship:
Control your aggression to defend yourself:

sometimes it’s better to hear what your significant other is saying to you instead defending yourself. Its ego which makes you defend yourselves. listening to your partner and staying quiet can give to much better results.

To have healthy relationship we need to separate ego:

This a place where we live here no one is perfect of course not even us. We can’t say that we don’t have ego. We all are ego driven but we have to make efforts to separate ego. To maintain a healthy relationship, we need to throw ego away.

sometimes this ego ruins the conversation:

we use to stop bothering what our partner is actually explaining us all we feel is its all is hurting our ego. The things which are bothering to your partner he wants to explain and discuss them let them explain clearly their point to you and listen them carefully instead of interrupting them for your sake and start defending yourselves. Be optimistic and understand what your partner is explaining you. This leads to a strong bond. I believe it’s difficult to hear its actually uncomfortable but sometimes listening can be
positive for you and your relationship.

Ego an evil:

Ego loves to blame and criticize. So usually in relationships we blame our significant other for mistakes and fights rather analyzing ourselves where we were wrong. So better analyze yourself first instead letting your ego criticize your relationship. Ego always takes your mind to negative side. A loving relationship is based upon mutual respect and love. Never ever have comparison between both of you. We all are created with our own attributes. Stop your ego ruining your relationship.

“Relationship never dies a natural death. They are murdered by Ego, Attitude and ignorance.” (Srinivas shoney)
Next time when you find your ego driving you get rid of it immediately and save your relation and make is strong. Prevent to kill it through ego.

About Writer:

Mahnoor Khan: I am a Business student studying at UET Lahore, and I like creating content. I love to share my point of view with people around me. Moreover I’ll like to know your opinion too.

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