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How accurate is GPS tracking?

How Accurate is GPS

Planning to go on a long drive? To a new place? Well, with food and water the third most important thing is your GPS! You can either buy a GPS device or you can simply utilize the GPS feature of your mobile for tracking purposes and navigation. To have an idea of accuracy of this system you must know the main working principle of the system.

Well, wait! What’s GPS? It is a space based Global Positioning System which operates via a network of 24 satellites placed into orbit around the earth by US. These satellites orbit round the earth in defined paths such that they seem to be stationary with respective to the earth. Our GPS devices communicate with 4 of these satellites at a given time and provide us with the time and position information. These satellites work 24/7 in all the weather conditions and all the locations. There is a number of factors that may affect the accuracy of GPS, however, most of the GPS devices are accurate up to 3 meters. GPS accuracy is a bit altered in areas where there is no vivid line of sight to the sky. It includes the areas like the extreme weather, remote areas, metal covers or inside tunnels etc.

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