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March 12, 2021
April 8, 2021

Hypocritic behaviour of Pakistani nation towards Islamic Scholars

We’re living in a society where showing off wealth or flaunting money in extravagant ceremonies or events is a normal thing. But when it comes to religious scholars or someone who guides people to follow injunctions of Islam, it becomes a talk of the town. Recently, a famous and eminent scholar ” Maulana Tariq Jameel” has become victim of our hypocritical mindset when a “Lexus car” with a number plate -MTJ- was being shown by social media users with the claim that he owns this luxurious car while unapologetically bashing him for not following the teachings of humbleness and simplicity. Though, it has been clarified by him that he doesn’t own this car and it was mistakenly assumed by the public due to its number plate that he owns it. But question is still remains that if “Maulana Tariq Jameel” has the ownership of this expensive car then what is the problem with the fact that he has a feudal background apart from his religious activities and he can afford this luxury in his life like anyone else.

Further, another incident happened in Karachi few days back where “Maulana” participated in an opening ceremony of his clothing brand. It has been stated by resources that revenue of this brand will be used for his madrassah, building schools or hospitals. But this event also became controversial owing to the violations of the SOP’s that were in place due to “Covid-19”. Fingers were again raised against him for spending a huge sum of money in that arrangement that was being made at the opening ceremony along with not following the basic guideline of maintaining social distance and wearing mask in a large gathering. Though, ignoring government guidelines regarding “Covid-19” is something that is not justified but brushing off the fact that whole Pakistan is busy in wedding festivals or birthday parties along with political gathering, where no one cares about severity of this virus and targeting one person is showing the reality that where are we heading as a nation in hatred and selective targeting. We don’t appreciate someone for the positive act and humanitarian work but when we see something controversial, we immediately jump to the conclusion and give our two cents. Again, violating government guidelines should not be approved but it should be applied on every citizens with the same spirit instead of targeting one person solely on the basis of his religious devotion at all.

On the last note, our nation should choose someone for smear campaign more wisely instead of someone who doesn’t cause harm to anyone but preaches to love each other and live in peace.

Writer: Warda Javeed

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