April 8, 2021
شاید کہ تیرے دل میں اتر جائے میری بات۔
April 13, 2021

Imran Khan Remarks on Modesty and Recent Controversy

Imran Khan recent remarks on women dressing and its link with increasing cases of rape in Pakistan has sparked outrage on Pakistani social media and western media. Question arises from this scenario is that what IK is saying is absolutely correct? Answer is no, though it can be partially true but blaming indecent and immodest dressing behind rape cases is not valid. Because problems is not attached with dressing but societal mindset along with weak rules and regulation of government.

As, if one visit Hunza, he or she can clearly observe that a women can go outside wearing any kind of dress without being scared that she will be groped or harrassed. Further, when it comes to government interference, we can observe that in UAE, a Muslim country where girls are not restricted to follow Islamic dress code but no one there face sexual threat and violence because UAE focuses on putting order and penalties in place and because of the fear of being heavily punished by the concerned authorities stop violent or sexual predators to sexually assault women there.

Moreover, a notion that men’s urge can trigger by women immodest dressing and it is women’s responsibility to prevent the rape thread by following proper dress code is not justified at all. Because in Quran, both men and women are injected to lower their gaze and protect their modesty. So, the onus is on both genders not on women. In addition, those small boys or girls who are being sexually attacked in madrassa have nothing to do with improper dressing.

So, considering women as a sexual object and putting her on radar to cover up men’s weakness to overcome their sexual urge is not a solution of a problem but it can create more issues as Imran Khan is also supporting this narrative. While looking deep into incompetent government apparatus along with social imbalance that allows men to get away while committing crime against women can provide reasonable pathway to deal this menace and execution of laws and regulations by government can play a crucial role in bringing down rape incident as it would instill concept that perpetrator will not get impunity and will face consequences for their convictions.

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Writer : Warda Javeed

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