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August 20, 2020
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Industries that will boom after corona-virus

Crona Virus

The world is halted by corona virus and industries are trying to stay alive. Though, some businesses are making huge profits, such as home entertainment, groceries, food, personal protective equipment and sanitizer producers. Moreover it is expected that their boom will continue after pandemic. The industries that are struggling to do better will enjoy a boom after the corona virus crisis end. Here we will discuss the industries that will boom after corona virus is over.

  • Pharmaceuticals Industry
    Pharmaceutical companies are in competition to discover a vaccine for corona virus and they are putting billions of dollars in this race. The company will win the race which will come forward with the vaccine against the corona virus. The importance of the pharmaceutical industry has recognized by the world and will continue after the end of the pandemic. So, world have to prepare for any pandemic in future and have to continue the research for prevention and treatment for the disease.
  • Cleanliness Products
    As the corona virus pandemic starts Soaps, hand sanitizers and antibacterial gels was got short in the whole world market. Hygienic practices have taken priority in our daily routine life. Additional stations having hand sanitizers have been placed in almost all private businesses and public places. Moreover it will after the get boom after corona virus pandemic ends, as whole world will open with new strategies including good hygienic practices.
  • Virtual Meeting
    Virtual meeting helped us to work from home. Google, Microsoft and zoom has seen a surge in their users during the pandemic and it is expected that, this surge will not over when life will get normal. It is speculated that industries will have to adapt to permit their workers to perform their duties from home. So, the platforms used to connect the colleagues and provided by the Zoom, google and Microsoft will remain in high demand.
  • Cyber Security:
    Cyber Security industry has always a higher position in the business but the use of digital tools has increased during the corona virus pandemic so it is more likely that the hackers will try to hack the data ever before . The corona virus has pushed the industries to put
    their products or services online. Moreover it is seen that necessary steps have not been taken to protect the customer’s personal data. So in near future cyber security business will see more importance and boom because every online platform will have to ensure the safety of their all users.
  • E-learning Resources
    The schools all over the world had shut down overnight and a lot of parents became teacher quickly. Corona virus have enforced the world to move towards online educational system. It is more likely to change the traditional classrooms with the online classrooms. When asked from the leaders of the universities about the use of e-learning,
    63% of them predicted that more prestigious universities across the world would offer full university degree courses study online by 2030. Times Higher Education conducted a survey and stated that it’s not only the students that are focusing on the e-learning but also many professionals used e-learning to improve and gain a master level in their skills or learned a new skill.
  • Online Fitness Industry
    Fitness industry had shut downed due to the corona virus and a surge is seen in the online fitness industry. It is expected that the people who love privacy and the finance conscious persons will continue to follow the online fitness classes. As scholars stated that a person performing an activity for two to three months daily, it will become its habit. So the online industry will boom after corona virus ends.
  • Gaming Industry
    During the corona virus pandemic the existing gamers have sufficient time to shine their skills, as well as the new gamers found the opportunity to learn the new skill set for making games. A rise was seen in the usage of games during the corona virus pandemic.
    Moreover it is expected that the new users will face difficulty to leave the habit and will continue to play the games.
  • Movie Streaming Services
    Netflix started its journey in 1998 but it’s not as much popular as after the corona virus pandemic. Now it’s world’s best-known online film streaming facility and have to about 70 million subscribers only from the US. There is another online streaming service that is launched recently is Disney+ and available in the Canada, US, Australia, New Zeeland and the Netherlands in November 2019. More interestingly, Disney+ took less than a year to reach 50 million subscribers while Netflix struggled for 7 years to touch this figure. It is expected that there will be a consistency even a more boom in the online streaming

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Junaid Ali Meeran: Bio technologist, content writer and researcher. I love to research and write to update community. Worked as a research associate in NIBGE, Faisalabad.

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