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April 6, 2021
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April 12, 2021


Pakistan has been facing a leadership gap since its inception after the demise of its beloved leader “Muhammad Ali Jannah”. From Liaqat Ali Khan inclination toward USA to Zia-ul-Haq gigantic decision to bring others war on it’s own soil after Soviet invasion in Afghanistan to Nawaz Sharif personal relationship with “Indian Business Community” played a significant role to make compromise on Pakistan national security interest and national overall wellbeing.

This shows how myopic approach Pakistani politicians adopted in term of safeguarding their personal gains along with short term achievement framework instead of formulating a plan to steer this nation on a right path. As, leader possess characters that help his people and nation to transform and evolve from regressive or oppressive state to progressive and self sufficient society which knows how to cope with forthcoming challenges without having an eye on foreign assistance.

If one evaluate above statement, it is clearly mention that not only single ruler had gone to that extent to prove himself a leader. Be it civilian or military government or popular individual ruler like Bhutto or Musharraf, like others these both persons also plunged Pakistan into further turmoil as in Bhutto’s era, East Pakistan separated from West Pakistan due to his arrogance while after 9/11, Musharraf U-turn in his foreign policy approach brought nothing positive change but destruction, terrorism and economic stagnation.

Further more, Imran Khan is leading a country with a mission to make it more respected and sufficient while portraying its positive image in front the world. Though, one can say that he has a capability to show himself as a leader but for that purpose, he must has to make sure that current domestic economic scenario is not easy for poor or middle class section of this state to bear lawlessness, incompetency, corruption along with incapable cabinet member who are performing up to the mark as per their charge. who has a lot of expectation from.

So, if Imran Khan failed to overcome all unfolding national or international crisis he will also remember like his predecessor but through resilience, relentlessness and wit while making sure that his team is putting exceptional efforts to execute his mission, he can transform this nation into a credible, resilient and progressive state.

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Writer : Warda Javeed

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