How to Channelize Your Thoughts?
September 14, 2021


Do you also have difficulty saying ‘NO’ to the demands of others? Then here is something for you all. Last Friday our topic of discussion in نوجوان بیٹھک was “learn to say NO” and everyone shared their point of views and justifying them in their ways. Some said it’s important to say NO, some suggested adopting a middle ground way and some said it’s just not possible for a working person to say NO. 

What’s so hard about saying no? To start with, it can hurt or disappoint the person to whom you saying no, and that’s not usually a fun task or if you have plans to work with that person you have to continue a good relationship with that person and that act of saying no will jeopardize that. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult in your relationship.

 But it’s a matter of being in different circumstances. You have three ways 

  1. Directly say NO which means no matter what I will not be able to do your work or accept your proposal/request.
  2. Take some time and then decide whether it’s a YES or NO
  3. Find a middle ground way 

The question asked by one of our participants was that how do we know when and where to imply all these conditions there are certain aspects besides these, we do have some emotional connections with some people which makes it difficult for them to say NO because it might hurt the other person feelings or expectations that they have or what if someone is working as an employee how can he say NO to his boss? He will not be working there in the future then or what about the people that can’t say NO, no matter what. Here comes the answer to all those questions and thoughts.

Clear your mind whether you have to say NO or YES. For example, if someone says you to invest a large amount in business and you don’t have a single penny how can you say YES to that person? It’s a NO. Don’t feel ashamed accepting the fact that you don’t have money to invest. 

Permit yourself to say NO. Some people have a knee-jerk reaction of saying YES when they are asked to do someone a favor. Keep this thing in mind that you are never required to say YES. It’s ok to say no sometimes. Try to remind yourself that your time is just as valuable as theirs and that no one is automatically entitled to your energy or free work.

Establish your boundaries it will help you saying no with ease, it’s always easier to say NO when you have a genuine reason for that thing and no one can question that. For example, if you are emotionally connected to someone and they ask for something which is against your will or you will not be able to fulfill that demand or help the other person but are still stuck between what to do and what not to do simply let them know about the reason behind your NO and handle them accordingly.

Never directly say NO to anyone, always use appropriate words and ask for time to think about that if you are not sure. For example, if you are an employee and your boss gave you a last-minute task to complete you can’t say NO to him you have to do it for sake of your job but alternatively, if your junior staff member came up to you for help or favor you will take time, think about the pros and cons and then decide what you have to.

In the end, it all depends on different circumstances and your will that how can you manage those situations or react or how well you control yourself. You just have to be clear in your mind and you should know the person whom you are dealing with. Set your boundaries, know your priorities, you can say will get back to you soon, maybe later, will think about that, etc.

It shows that besides coming up from different fields, backgrounds, or mindsets these 2 ½ hours of listening or sharing will have an impact and we can start a change from small steps, and change starts with YOU.

About Writer:

I am laiba shakeel student of clinical nutrition, I am a lifestyle blogger and I work as a general manager for a nutrition base company named as SVnutrition.

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