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May 1, 2021
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May 5, 2021

Manmohan’s letter to Narendra Modi

Former Indian prime minister Manmohan sigh who is known as a well wisher of humanity tested positive for corona, despite getting vaccinated and shifter to AIIMS trauma center.

Before getting admitted to the hospital he wrote to PM MODHI, he told him that the COVID situation is getting worse and they should grasp it. The main points of his letter consisted of 2 pages are as below: (briefly explained)

  • Ramp up vaccination: He urged that they should look into the percentage of people who are vaccinated, the process of vaccination must increase.
  • Transparent Formula: He asked PM to make it transparent for states about the availability of VACCINES so that they can use it wisely and they can make better policies. 10 % of vaccine must be stored for a critical time and the rest must be transparent for users.
  • Flexibility on vaccination age criteria: He suggests states must be given the flexibility to define the category of Frontline workers who are getting vaccinated even they are under 45 years.
  • Compulsory licensing provision: He urged that government must actively support manufacturers to increase and expand their production, concession can be done to give them the initiative.
  • No bridging tails: He concluded his letter by saying that any vaccine that has been declared credible for use must be brought to the masses otherwise conditions will get worse.
  • Policymakers in Pakistan must go through these points, wisdom has no geographic boundaries we can control this pandemic by making suitable policies that can easily be applied to the masses otherwise we are not certain what awaits us in the future.

Writer :Shaheer Shaukat

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