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May 5, 2021
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September 7, 2021

Pakistan- A Confused State

Pakistan is a state that came into being on the world map with the name of Islam which depicts the fact that Pakistan was made to protect Muslims of the Indian subcontinent from atrocities and further submissiveness to Hindus after Britain’s rule.

So after its inception and Jinnah’s speech in which he mentioned that all people of different religions can follow their beliefs along with practice their religion without any hurdle sparked a debate that either this state should be Islamic or secular as liberals tried to hijacked this speech in their favor while, Islamist and religious parties made efforts to justify Jinnah’s other speech statement in which he stipulated that Holy Quran as the only constitutional guideline of Pakistan along with his argument that he wanted to make a state for Muslims as a laboratory where they can research on Islam and lead their lives as per its injunctions.

Though in the 1970s Pakistan was declared an Islamic republic things didn’t sort out. Since then, both parties are at loggerhead and wanted to bring their result as per their aspirations but after 73 years they materialized nothing but chaos and a sense of anxiety toward the state because there is not any clarity in their views.

In this skirmish, the minority community is suffering a lot due to this debate. Further, the problem is not with the state but with those who have been trying to make things as per their desires while using “Quaid-e-Azam” speeches. So, the current state of affairs is still the same as both sides have adopted a hard approach and not willing to bridge their differences to sit on the table and mend their issues in the best possible way while finding out a solution that goes in every one favor be it minorities or Muslims at large.

The welfare state which Imran Khan wants to make Pakistan is one of the best options where everyone gets equal rights along with enjoying equal citizenship rights regardless of having any religious background and belief.

Through the aforementioned approach we can make things right as damage at a large scale has already happened but with comprehensive dialogues and durable policies along with changing people mindset through media or other channels to make them a little tolerable toward other sections can repair things in the best possible way.

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