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April 28, 2021
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May 3, 2021

Ramadan and It’s Legacy

Ramadan is a month of blessings and forgiveness, we Muslims are fortunate enough to have this month in our lives. Currently, Muslims across the world are having this holy month and are striving hard to leave no stone unturn to be a perfect Muslim by their actions or through spiritual awakening.

Because through this month, we get a chance to rethink our activities or our active participation in religious practices. So, many among us change their routine from worldly indulgence to practically following Islamic injunctions and resort to Allah to seek his forgiveness, benevolence, and mercy. In this blessed month, non-Muslims also witness the true and peaceful image of Islam which has been ruined by some conservative Muslims’ explanation of our religion and negative showcasing of Muslims on media in general.

But the sacred month of Ramadan reminds people that how much peace-loving, spiritual and charitable religion it is. So, as a Muslim, it is incumbent upon us to practice the basic Islamic guidelines in the entire year regardless of which Islamic month we have and we should carry on the true spirit and legacy of Ramadan on normal days to stay connected with Islam and to show the holistic picture of our religion to the world throughout the year that is truly based on humanity, love, and respect towards fellow humans.

Instead of just coming together and showing collective unity of “Muslim Ummah” by actions in one month but forget the fundamental teachings that instruct us to hold the rope of Allah tightly not for just a specific period but in the remaining year as well as a reason of our downfall.

So, the legacy of Ramadan should be continued after this month with full zealous instead of getting engaged in old activities and get busy in worldly matters without getting care of the Islamic guidelines.

Writer :Warda Javeed

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