July 20, 2020
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August 20, 2020

Social Media; Impacts in Muslim Society

Social Media

You already know What Social media is but let me tell you in brief it is a tool which helps people connect from various parts of the world, it helps in knowledge building. However, it has its own positive and negative impacts on society but here we will discuss its role and impacts in Muslim Society.

As we all know, social media has become an inherent part of us, whether we are doing something or not. In this era, our lives have become more diverse and dynamic. Hence, it is impossible for us to stay away from such things which provoke change in our society.

Social Media is a great way of perspective building, a state uses its media to provoke and motivate its nation. Social media has played a great role in developing Muslim Societies, allowing easy access to the assets of Muslims, allowing them to share knowledge and recognition to their identities. People get political and religious news from social media, which is much more convenient.

However, social media has done a great damage to the reputation and character of Muslims. Muslims are badly criticized because of the actions of some people who claim to be Muslims, reputation makes a society grow and shrink, it has a direct link to their business, e-commerce market, their industry and everything related to them socially. The biggest disadvantage for Muslims is that social media takes them into depression, bullying is another issue for them.

We must look into this, it causes restlessness in a society, however everything has its Pros and Cons.

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M. Shaheer Shaukat;- I am an intermediate student, I write to express and improve my knowledge and writing skills. However I would like your review on my topic.

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