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Some effective ways to reducing weight for Diabetics

Over-weight and obesity is one of the notable health issues worldwide. Obesity itself is not a disease or a malfunction but, known to invite a number of diseases and triggering health issues. In case if you are suffering from diabetes, one of its cause would be obesity. Maintaining your weight plays a significant role in controlling your blood glucose level. According to American Association of Diabetes, more than 90% cases of diabetes, are due to obesity. Reducing few pounds could effectively maintain your blood sugar level, and initiates healthy responses in your body.

I am sharing some striking ways to help you reduce weight, if you are suffering from diabetes. As reducing your adiposity in case of diabetes maybe a bit tricky. Diabetics needs to reduce weight very cautiously and safely, to prevent disturbances in blood glucose level. You don’t want your blood sugar to reduce below the minimum level. So, careful diet and exercises must be charted to get yourself in shape.

NO to ‘Fad diet’

Excessive fats and adipose tissues reduce the effectivity of insulin on the body cells. If you are planning a diet, choose it wisely. Always consider a ‘Low-Carb Diet’ over others, specially fad diet. Reducing the carbohydrates from your diet would be very operative in losing your pounds. Although fad diet would promise a real quick weight lose but it is not recommended as a healthy dieting style. It would make you weak and lowers your energy. Low Carb diet includes fresh vegetables, nuts, eggs, herbs, wholegrains, brans and olive oil. Adding these to your meals would result in a favourable change in your blood glucose level.

Planning your meals

It is recommended to take less and equal number of calories for each meal. Don’t reduce your meal too much, rather divide your meals into number of sections and take one section after every 4-5 hours. Don’t skip your meals. Start your day early to have breakfast early in the morning. So, that you will be able to make portions of your meal and take each of it after a constant time gap. Taking your meal throughout the day would keep your tummy filled and avoid you from getting hunger pangs. So, you would avoid any extra food you need to fill your tummy. This would be very significant to keep your blood glucose steady throughout the day.

Another important thing to keep on check is the type of meal you are consuming. Avoid fatty and oily meals. Make your meal simple, feast on foods rich in vitamins, fibres, bran, grains. Minimize the calories but maximize the healthiness of the food you take.

Get your body moving

One of the tectonic factors in losing weight, is being active.  Exercises and physical activity are a thrust to diet in losing weight. Exercises couple the effect of diet and proves to be more effective in losing chubbiness quickly. Walk is the best physical activity to keep hopes up for losing pounds along with the diet. Set a target for a daily walk routine. Start from 30 mins./day, and then make it to one hour. Keep your body agile throughout the day. Make aerobics and yoga your routine workouts. These meditation exercises relieve mental and physical anxiety, and results into better health in less time. Working out, utilizes the free glucose circulating in your blood. Ensuring a steady blood glucose. Strenuous exercises may be harmful for diabetic patients, as excessive exhausting would be a risk in fading due to decrease in glucose level, as a result of sweating.

About Writer:

I am Naima Amjad. I am a postgraduate in Molecular Biology and Forensic science. I like to read and write about science and health related stuff. And I am always pleased to hear comments on my content.

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