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June 24, 2020
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June 25, 2020


Advertisers now make use of technology to come up with some of the most engaging weather based outdoor ad. It does not have to be all about outdoor advertising. Stay relevant through weather changes with online banner ads. That’s what online weather-based advertising strategies can do.

Weather-Triggered Social Media Ads:

One of the case studies featured at Weather Unlocked makes use of Facebook Ads targeted for residents of a city on its sunny season.

Weather-activated ads is not yet a feature on Facebook Ads but Driftrock was able to achieve the same results by using real-time weather data and their own tool called Triggers. Facebook twitter, instagram can be used to promote products make the like pages on facebook and make promotions.


Numerous statistics from reputable marketing and big data companies all point to one conclusion: personalization sells. 73% of consumers prefer to engage with brands that speak to them through relevant individualized marketing. Weather data is one way to inject personalization on your website.

Brands looking to increase sales outside of their current collection can utilize weather diversity. Topshop, while offering a fall/winter collection, still speaks to customers in sunnier locations through a small banner on their website. This allows the brand to sell both their current collection as well as their summer apparels.

Daily weather changes, it’s good to have weather-specific marketing plans that can be used when the need arises. Don’t ignore the way weather affects buyer’s decision-making process. Instead, does research, collect historical data, get to know about market, and understand how we can turn a dark and gloomy day or an extremely hot summer day to a marketing jackpot? The big brands have done it, profited well from it.


Smart campaigners today are utilizing this marketing tool to increase conversion rates, nurture loyalty, and to build lifelong customer relationships. SMS Marketing is an effective medium for businesses such as outlets or trade stores, allowing them to make timely offers and the response rates can be amazing.


Customers are naturally attracted to great deals, especially in the current state of our economy. Offer sale and discounts on products so that the customers are attracted as everyone wants to save their single penny.


Weather has a deep-rooted effect on consumer psychology and purchase behavior. By cross referencing point of sales data with historical weather information, brands can give a deep understanding of these nuanced relationships. Armed with these insights, marketers can implement a weather responsive marketing campaign to deliver much more targeted and impactful promotions used in intelligently; weather is an easy win for marketers.

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