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June 21, 2020


The idea of telehealth or telemedicine dates back to 1879 that came into practice in 1925. In the present times when the whole world is dealing with an unseen killer the COVID-19, the most affected is the department of health. With no proper cure such as vaccines for the virus, big figures are continuously adding to the death toll due to COVID-19 globally.

The only cure is prevention for COVID-19 and the prevention is social distancing!

Most of the countries of the world underwent lockdown in response to this slogan of social distancing. On one side, this lockdown has proved to be fruitful but on the other side, people are also suffering from it. The rapid spreading of COVID-19 from China to the Whole World has put the health department of all the affected countries under ample strain. Hospitals are the hot zones for infections where medical and paramedical staff are fighting on the front line against the silent killer. 

In such grave circumstances, the only lifeboat for the patients of other severe diseases such as Blood Pressure, Heart diseases, Diabetes, etc. is the telemedicine. Telemedicine mainly refers to a long-distance conversation between the doctor and patient to seek medical help via electronic or telecommunication. Moreover, the World Health Organization (WHO) has mentioned telemedicine as an essential service to be established by the health systems in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. It is considered that the utilization of telemedicine can help in reducing the pressure on the health departments. It would not only reduce the spread of the virus but it will also reduce the pressure upon the health care workers.

Telemedicine is a great idea to be implemented. It offers its attributes far beyond the pandemic. It provides the opportunity to integrate the medical facilities in a single platform. It would allow a better check and balance of the system and thus the quality control would be much easier. 

Let me share top 5 telemedicine forums which are currently working in this field and offer the best of their service to the people of Pakistan.


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