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June 25, 2020
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July 1, 2020


Direct effects of weather changes are of course more observed on seasonal products. The demand of different products is also affected by weather.


It doesn’t happen as often as we had like but sun plays its part in retail ups and downs. The main influence is on the introduction of the new lines. The shops could be convinced to bring their summer lines earlier. This can of course be risky if the early hot weather fails to materialize and summer is a washout, many retailers are forced to start their sales early to get rid of the stocks. The demand of frozen sweets, ice creams, chilled drinks, juices increases.23% increase in frozen sweets in sunny days than others, 10% increase in chilled drinks in sunny days than other days, 20% increase in juices consumption. The demand of skin care products like sunscreen also increases due to sunny days’ people need sun screen to protect skin from ultraviolet rays and hot sun. The demand of umbrella also increases because people use it to protect themselves from the heat of sun The temperature can trigger the sales of soup, oatmeal’s and lip balms. People grab more sunglasses.


Periods of extended wet weather can seriously dampen the spirit of many shoppers but its not doom and gloomy for everyone. Shopping centers benefit from this kind of weather as people exposed high streets and head indoors. Wet weather can increase the sale of food. The demand of umbrella also rises. The sale of rain coat is common in rainy days as people buy more rain coats to protect their clothes from water. The demand of water repellent paint rises as people because they are water proof. The rain brings insects with it too so the people need insect sprays to kill the tiny creatures so the demand of insect sprays also increases. Due to rain people head indoors and prefer online shopping rather than visiting market.


The cold weather can affect our shopping habits. The sale of moisturizers also increases due to dry skin. The people invest more in buying boots and coats to protect themselves from cold. The consumption of coffee and hot chocolates drinks increases the people purchase more cappuccinos and chocolates. People start to store food in their refrigerators or in their storage’s boxes in cold weather of winters that they don’t prefer visiting the stores more often. People prefer buying moisturizing shampoos with

conditioners to get rid of frizzy and dry hairs. The people love to eat fish and nuts in cold days due to which they purchase them more. The demand of blankets and quilt increases in cold days as people use them to stay warm. The sale of lip balm also increases to keep their dry lips moisturized. The demand for BBQ increases.


The people don’t visit the hoard groceries, Demand of every good is severely affected. Online purchases get common but sometimes due to bade weather the delivery of products isn’t easy and possible so even online shopping is affected. Demand of preservative canned food is increased so that it can be stored on shelves for long time and then later can be consumed due to bad weather the fresh items or foods demand falls as people don’t visit market and stores to buy them. There is the need of batteries and chargeable batteries if power shortage occurs.


From all the information and research, it is clear that the weather has an impact on the demand of products. Weather even affects the purchasing behavior and moods of consumer. So the weather has psychological and even economic affect. It makes people change their mind to consume different products in different weather. The requirement of person changes from weather to weather which fluctuate the demand of product in market.

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